At the heart of the Malaria to Zero Initiative is the recognition that despite the proven effectiveness of known high-impact interventions funded over the past decade, nationwide utilization indices are far from impressive. Hence, it is imperative to embrace innovative approaches in building broad and effective synergies for greater impact.

To achieve our goal, we seek to galvanize and pool private sector resources and capabilities towards saving 1 million lives by 2020. To achieve this the Campaign has adopted a two-pronged approach that seeks to tackle major obstacles in achieving the National Malaria Elimination Program.

Our Solutions

  • Creating a shared platform that accommodates the tangible contributions of all private sector stakeholders. This platform will integrate existing and new initiatives on eradicating malaria, and thus build synergies that produce impact far greater than what could be attained with fragmented efforts
  • The private sector catalytic fund for malaria which seeks to meet the funding gap for the elimination of Malaria. Preliminary estimate for this private sector catalytic support is put at 5 billion Naira.

Our solution bridges the gap and synergizes efforts by the public and private sector to eliminating malaria while also enhancing high-impact interventions proven to be effective in combating malaria. These are:

sol_ico1Long Lasting Insecticide Nets (LLINs)

sol_ico2Larval Source Management (LSM)

sol_ico3Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS)

sol_ico4Intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTP)


sol_ico1Seasonal Malaria Chemoprophylaxis (SMC)

sol_ico1Artemisinin combination therapy

sol_ico6Rapid Diagnostic Test

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