Malaria-To-Zero Initiative is a bold and innovative initiative that seeks to galvanize and pool private sector resources and capabilities towards averting 1 million cases by 2020. This initiative seeks to create a platform will integrate existing and new initiatives on eradicating malaria, and thus build multi-sectoral synergies that produce impact far greater than what could be attained with fragmented efforts.

The Initiative is founded by development organizations and private sector company with vast experience in engaging high level stakeholders, developing communication materials for millions of users and previous successful fundraising experience.

The integrity and pedigree of the founding partners of the program positions the campaign to be accepted by high level partners across different sectors. There is also a big opportunity to leverage on the messaging platforms and communication expertise of the founding partners to ensure the campaign attain it goal of reaching at least 20 million Nigerians by 2020.

Our key strengths are:

    • Vast experience of the founding partners in communication and high level stakeholders engagement.
    • Network of partners.
    • Integrity and pedigree of founding partners.
    • Positioning and timing of the campaign
    • Innovative programmatic approach

As part of galvanizing action towards ending malaria, we encourage organizations and private individuals to sign the Malaria to Zero Pledge to take action to ending malaria. If you would like to sign the pledge, please click the Commit To The Initiative Button below. You can also make donations online towards ending malaria through this campaign by clicking the donate button below.

Commit to the Initiative Partner with the Initiative Donate

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