Access Bank, Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria and HACEY Health Initiative have come together to make a call towards accelerated scale-up of efforts to prevent malaria and save lives.

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Access Bank, Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria and Hacey health Initiative have come together to make a call towards accelerated scale-up of efforts to prevent malaria and save lives under the Malaria To Zero Initiative program for grass root people living in suburb and underprivileged environments across Nigeria and Africa at large.

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As the National Malaria Elimination Programme of Nigeria (NMEP) accelerates its goal towards pre-elimination of malaria by 2020, there is an unprecedented opportunity to mobilize corporate investments to prevent countless morbidities and deaths from malaria.

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Mary Ogu was 20 weeks pregnant when she developed malaria. A resident in one of the slums in Lagos where mosquitoes breed freely, Mary does not sleep under Insecticide Treatment Nets, ITNs, and takes no precautions such as the recommended treatment for malaria for pregnant women.

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Dr. Anthony Nsiah Asare, Director General of Ghana Health Service presenting the Innovation in Malaria Financing Award to @myaccessbank Access Bank PLC at the Malaria Safe Awards held in Ghana on the 5th April, 2018. Mrs Omobolanle Victor-Laniyan, Head of Sustainability, Access Bank PLC received the award on behalf of the bank.Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a malaria-free New Year!
#Malaria #MalariaToZero #merrychristmas #mondaymotivationMosquitoes are the most dangerous insects on earth, killing more people every year than any other animal species every year. They spread malaria that kills approximately one million people a year. #Malaria can be controlled and eradicated in simple ways through environmental sanitation. Follow these simple steps to help end Malaria in your environment. •	Drain away stagnant water on the road or surroundings •	Making sure that gutters are not blocked up •	Properly dispose of waste containers that can hold stagnant water •	Make sure that grasses and lawns are well-maintained
#EndMalaria #MalariaToZeroIn Sub-Saharan Africa, 72% of companies reported a -ve #malaria  impact, with 39% perceiving these impacts to be serious. #MalariaToZero #endmalariaMalaria Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits - quick, easy and fairly reliable malaria tests.

Where microscopy is not available, rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) provide quick, easy and fairly reliable methods of testing for malaria.
#MalariaToZero #RDTs #EndMalariaClinical diagnosis for malaria is diagnosis made on the basis of medical signs and patient- reported symptoms, rather than diagnostic tests. In other words, it is mainly based on the patient's symptoms and on physical findings at examination by a medical professional.
These symptoms may include fever, chills, sweats, headaches, muscle pains, nausea and vomiting.
In severe malaria, these can include confusion, coma, neurologic focal signs, severe anaemia, respiratory difficulties.
While symptoms for severe malaria are more striking and may increase the suspicion for malaria, it is more difficult to get accurate clinical findings for less severe malaria.
As much as clinical findings may be accurate to some extent, it should always be confirmed by a laboratory test for malaria.
In addition to diagnostic tests for #Malaria, the health-care should also conduct an initial workup, request a complete blood count and request a routine chemistry panel. #MalariaToZero #EndMalaria #eliminatemalariaHow do you know if you have Malaria? 
In different societies, there are many myths about how you know you have Malaria. Some myths include fever, excessive sweating and common cold. just to mention a few. The only sure way to confirm if one has Malaria is by testing for malaria.
While it is best to get tested in a hospital to confirm if you have malaria, you can use rapid test kits at home. Malaria home test kits have been listed by the World Health Organization as an acceptable rapid screening test for the detection of Malaria where laoratory tests might not be avaialble or easily accessible. #MalariaToZero #Malaria #RapidTestKits #MalariaTestKits #EndMalaria #NoToMalariaNigerian loses about $1.1 billion yearly to Malaria.
A bulk of this is spent on treatment, lost work hours and prevention holding back GDP growth with about 1-5%. #endmalaria #malariatozero #eliminatemalariaFrom 2000 to 2015 in Africa,, #Malaria cases have fallen by 42% while malaria-related deaths have fallen by 66%. Nets have played a vital role in reducing malaria deaths, being responsible for as much as 33% of lives saved.#malariatozero #endmalaria